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About us...

Divergent Design is a boutique consulting firm specializing in the principle behaviors of creativity and innovation.  We help you understand the underlying conditions required to effectively build innovation into your culture and successfully  navigate the complex business challenges of today.  
Why We are Different

What we do and how we do it sets us apart. 

Divergent Design excels at allowing you to understand the behaviors and approaches of individuals and teams that will unlock the creative forces of innovation.  Through our interactive workshops, you will understand how to build an innovative culture that produces collaborative solutions. We increase the emotional intelligence of your organization which facilitates your ability to develop and sell innovative ideas.  


Dr. Tony Cevoli leads Divergent Design in their quest to enhance the way organizations practice innovation.  By blending his corporate, military, and academic background, Dr. Cevoli is able to connect with his audience to ensure a positive and actionable outcome. 

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